ELECTION DAY 2012- at polling locations in Maine and New Hampshire

On Tuesday, I began my day taking photos and casting my own vote at my polling place, a nearby Portland elementary school. I photographed and talked with voters at six other polling places as I made my way to Concord, New Hampshire. I wanted to share with you a small selection of my nearly forty interviews from Election Day 2012.
            You can see the complete project by clicking here.

Joan Macisso
East End Community School
Portland, Maine

Oh, I have been volunteering since Bill Clinton… I’ve been doing it for years and years.

East End Community School
Portland, Maine

I am particularly interested in the state of the country, the state of the state, how people are thinking and how we can move forward in a more reasonable way than we have. I care about the economy…. We’re broken and we need to fix it.

Davian Akers
State Representative Candidate
East End Community School
Portland, Maine

Today I can only introduce myself and thank people for voting. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from people who want to get this vote done and over with. Generally, people enjoy meeting the candidates. It’s been a lot of fun; it’s interesting to start this grass roots effort and get my name out there, exposure, my issues.

Muuse Guure
(translated by Mohammad Dini)
Merrill Auditorium Rehearsal Hall
Portland, Maine

I’m very happy to participate in the system and vote. It was my first time. I’m blessed, I’m privileged to vote. I’m from Africa to Maine in April of 2007. I got my citizenship and finally got my opportunity to cast my vote.  It’s important to me the direction that my new country is going. The leadership comes from the top, the presidential level. The second most important thing is our local election, the direction our state is going. In 2008, I was working in the country, but not a citizen and able to vote. But I waited for it. I’m glad I’m exercising and expressing my feelings about who should lead on the state and federal level.

Carly Soos
Merrill Auditorium Rehearsal Hall
Portland, Maine

I feel like it’s important that we don’t limit the constitution to say marriage is between one man and one woman, and not to overturn Roe vs. Wade. I’m from the arts school up the street so I’m walking people back and forth to vote. It’s really cold, so I’m wearing lots of layers, but I wanted to get my Obama shirt on the outside, so I had to wear like three sweaters.

Ryan Urby
St. Pius Church
Portland, Maine

I decided not to vote. I’ve only voted once when I was 18… If I’m going to vote for somebody, I’m going to say “Yes, I agree with everything they are saying.”

Dave Whitney
Pike Memorial Hall
Cornish, Maine

I couldn’t see the ballot. I thought it was poorly done. The little circles are so light. I had to come out and get a new one, I thought it was poorly done. But the cookies from the bake sale were good.

Charlie Root
Freedom Town Hall
Freedom, New Hampshire

I am holding this particular sign because these two people are running for state rep and had particularly good ideas for economic growth of the area, for education. And, I think, one of the things I like is that these are candidates that feel we all have to work towards the same thing and are very willing to work with Republicans, Democrats, anyone that has good ideas to try and make improvements for this locale and the entire state of New Hampshire.

Alice Haslett
Freedom Town Hall
Freedom, New Hampshire

I started working at the polls in 1965 at town meetings. I’ve always enjoyed voting.

Selectman David Bowers (right)
All Saints Church
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Mitt Romney has a fine summer home here on Lake Winnipesaukee… He’s well known around town- he goes to the hardware store and grocery store and buys ice cream. He fits in nicely here. If he is elected president, the selectmen will probably go to Kennebunk and see how it is to be the “Summer White House”. My only hope if he’s elected is that we don’t get protesters in town.

James Fowler
West Street Ward House
Concord, New Hampshire

When you live in a democracy and you have the opportunity to put forth people who should represent you, and realizing how hard they work for that opportunity, to me it’s just a necessity to get out and vote for these people. They work hard. And, if we want to keep the system of democracy that we have, we need to enforce that.


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